Shelley and Me

I’m not a likely candidate for cooking my way through a cookbook publicly. Normally I prefer to toil away in silence writing poetry that sometimes finds its way to obscure literary magazines. That, or caring for my 2 year old twins. I’ve enjoyed cooking for many years and now that I’m home with my kids, it is easier to prepare food, albeit, one has to be super organized to pull off some of the more elaborate recipes with 2 little helpers under foot. I’ve been to many Nelson potlucks that may as well have been sponsored by Whitewater Cooks. Its the combo of great recipes and wanting to recreate the food that tastes so good apres ski at our local favourite ski hill plus some local pride in wanting to share this cookbook with the world. While the idea for cooking my way through Whitewater Cooks At Home is not an original one, (I will nod my head to Julie Powell of Julia and Me/Julie and Julia fame) it has its differences. First of all I’m cooking for my wife and twin toddlers not my husband, I’m not doing it after a long commute and soul sucking job and I’m tipping my hat to our local celebrity chef, Shelley Adams. There are 79 recipes in the cookbook. My goal is to complete them by the end of 2010. 79 in 300 days is a little less ambitious than Julie Powell, however, I live in the Kootenays and we all know Kootenay time is a little slower than EST, and did I mention I have twins?

Link to Cookbooks

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  1. diane on

    I can attest to those Rosemary Crackers they were divine!
    Maybe one day we can have a dinner party where everyone invited makes a dish from the Whitewater cookbook and submit reviews all at once. Kind of like a moveable feast…..

  2. Cathy Mann on

    Hey, very cool. I look forward to reading more and seeing the cooking on screen. Will the helpers be featured?

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